Emacs bindkey chart (short version)

Control Keys
^a  Beginning of line (or Home)
^b  Back char (or Left Arrow)
^d  Delete next chaacter
^e  End of line (or End)
^f  Forward char (or Right Arrow)
^g  Stop command
^k  Kill line (send to clipboard)
^l  Refresh page
^n  Next line (or Down Arrow)
^p  Previous line (or Up Arrow)
^r  Reverse incremental search
^s  Incremental search
^u  Repeat next command 4 times
^v  Scroll down (or Page Down)
^w  Cut to clipboard
^y  Yank / Paste from clipboard
^SPC Set mark / begin region select
^_  Undo
Meta / Alt / Escape Keys
M-a  Beginning of sentance
M-b  Back word (or Alt-Left Arrow)
M-c  Capitalize word
M-d  Delete next word
M-e  End of sentance
M-f  Forward word (or Alt-Right Arrow)
M-l  lower case word
M-p  Next sentance / command
M-p  Previous sentance / command
M-q  Fill paragraph
M-u  UPPER-case word
M-v  Scroll up (or Page Up)
M-w  Copy region to clipboard
M-y  Yank next (use after ^y)
M-<  Start of buffer (or ^Home)
M->  End of buffer (or ^End)
M-%  Query replace (see below)
M-DEL Delete previous word
^x 1  One window ^X 0 Delete window
^x 2  Two windows
^x 3  Side-by-side windows
^x b  Switch buffer
^x h  Mark wHole buffer (cut: ^w)
^x k  Kill buffer
^x o  Goto Other Window
^x s  Save some buffers
^x u  Undo
^x ^b List buffers
^x ^c Quit emacs
^x ^f Find file
^x ^s Save buffer
^x ^w Write new file
^x ^v Visit new file / refresh current

Home  Start of buffer/line
End   End of buffer/line

Query Replace  M-%
SPC repace one match
RET quit
. (period) One more match, then quit
!  Replace all the rest
^  Move to previous match
Use arrows to recall prev strings
Use ^y to paste before & after strings

Incremental Search Trick
In i-search, ^s uses previous string
^r reverses search, ^w grabs next word
^q^m finds line break

Directory Edit
^x ^f to find a dir, delete trailing /
d  Mark file for delete, then eXecute
f  Find file (open in this window)
o  Open file in Other window
u  Undelete
x  Execute delete commands
C  Copy
M  Change Mode (protection)
R  Rename
Z  Zip: compress or uncompress
~  Mark backup files for delete, eXec
!  Execute Unix command on file
Compile programs
This works well with Makefiles
M-x compile   Start compilation
^x ` Find next compile error
^x (  Start macro
^x )  End macro
^x e  Execute macro      Updated 1/13/05

SPC - Space, RET - Return or Enter, DEL - Delete, ^key - push CTRL at the same time as 'key'
M-key - push Alt at the same time as 'key'  Or, push and release Escape (ESC) then 'key'

Run the Emacs tutorial with ^h t   See the full bind key chart with ^h b

Print this page and try each command in conjunction with my Emacs page.

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