Download and Install Emacs on a PC

Where can I download it?

Read about Emacs on Windows. Download the latest version from GNU or a mirror. The file will look like  emacs-21.1-bin-i386.tar.gz or emacs-20.7-fullbin-i386.tar.gz


Unzip the file, and store it in C:\Program Files.  Next, run bin\addpm.exe to put Emacs in the Windows Registry.  You are ready to run!

Fast Start

Personally I like start Emacs with a bind key, so I created a shortcut to C:\Program Files\emacs\bin\runemacs, put it on the Start Menu at, C:\WINNT\Profiles\All Users\Start Menu and called it GNU Emacs.  In the Properties for this shortcut, set the "Start In" attribute to be C:\My Documents

Now I can start Emacs by hitting the Windows Key, then G

Initialization & Languages

Grab my  .emacs file, store it as C:/_emacs and edit it to remove the Unix block of commands.  When you get a Verilog or Vera mode file, it in c:/Program Files/emacs/lisp/progmodes

Updated 1/15/02

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