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Updated 5/28/12

Welcome to Chris' Verification World
Welcome to Chris Spear's Verification World! I hope you can find plenty of resources for verifying your next hardware design.

I am a Verification Consultant with Synopsys, specializing in hardware verification tools such as VCS and VMM. To reach me, send me email or visit me at the Synopsys office in Marlboro, MA. [Headhunters: don't call. I have said no to the last 50, and will hang up on the next 50.]

Chris descending a staircase Alway up for a little riding, I came out to a Bay area meeting a few days early and went for some rides around San Francisco with Roger, and a bunch of guys named Andy. Roger, who lives in Paris, has biked the Alpes, and wanted a picture of him riding DOWN Lombard Street, the curviest street in the world. So, while riding back from the Golden Gate Bridge, we ended up in the Presidio, on Lombard Street. It took him a moment to figure out why I was laughing, with an evil smile on my face.

So we rode across the city, with the top of Lombard St. lost in the clouds. This is the back side of the snakey road you see on postcards. It gets steeper, and steeper, until it hits a 26% grade for a block. What does that mean? All the cars were smoking their tires and clutches as they tried to keep from sliding into the guy behind them. A real horrible smell! This was the steepest thing I ever climbed on a road bike, and harder than anything on a MTB. But Roger walked!

Now we are at the top of the curves, so I volunteer to go down first, with his camera to get the shot. Reach the bottom, wait, wait, wait. I can see him at the top, pacing back and forth. Then he walked down the steps! So I made him take a picture of me (I walked up to the second corner.)

Listen to my first podcast, the Zen Trivia Challenge that I created for my favorite podcast, Coverville, from Brian Ibbott.

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